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Keeping your carpet clean and why! – Moses Jacobus

Carpets are wonderful and well-sustainable choices where offices, commercial spaces and homes are concerned when it comes to flooring. They slow down influences of falls, slipping, helps reduce noise, they also offer a good place to work, sit and even play.  With carpets being a great asset to any home, it requires good maintenance to help it last longer. To help maintain the functional life, working, and living space, many refer to vacuuming as the most efficient as well as simplest form on maintenance.  The vacuuming of your carpet is about as crucial as changing your car oil. These actions both help keep the car and carpet at a peak performance and help tone down the possibility of really costly maintenance at a later stage. Utilizing maid service in Atlanta will help you maintain your carpets.

Let’s talk about a few items of practice to assist with effective maintenance of your carpet as well as a few recommendations to help your decision.



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1. Vacuuming has to be the most important on every carpet owner’s maintenance procedure. Doing this on a regular basis helps remove more than 90% of dry soil.  Results from scientific research show that an effectively cleaned carpet helps  improve the indoor air quality and assists in improving the cleanliness of the said carpet.


2. Vacuuming on a regular basis extends the initial life of the carpet that removes potentially damaging dirt from the carpet fibers. If carpets aren’t regularly vacuumed, it can sooner be tattered, worn and damaged before its time and that could amount to carpet replacement which can be quite costly.


3. Many offices and home owners prefer that in these poor economic times, to reduce the costs of vacuuming. Though this saves immediate money on a short term basis, it has a long term impact on your finances that generally lead to more extensive cleaning which is more costly than regular maintenance and or even replacing the carpet.


Our final recommendations would be that carpet owners should really attentively look at the vacuum they purchase so that it matches the carpet they need to clean. Different carpet fibers, carpet styles and pile density would need different vacuums to help keep their carpet in a great and functional condition.

The life and beauty of the carpet would depend on the care it would receive. Effective vacuuming will keep carpets in an ideal condition to assist in keeping indoor air quality in good health.


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