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Cleaning Benefits of Borax

Sodium Bicarbonate commonly known as borax is an eco friendly substance that you can use to clean your home. Even though borax is all natural its still harmful to kids and pets if ingested .
You can use borax as an all around cleaner as long as you mix it with water if your wiping something down. You can follow some helpful tips in cleaning with borax,
1. Make your own dishwasher detergent by mixing 1 tablespoon borax and 1 tablespoon baking soda.
2. Make an all-purpose cleaner by mixing 2 tablespoons borax and 2 cups hot water in a spray bottle.
3.As a laundry detergent, add one cup of borax to each load and significantly boost your cleaning power
4. Remove a stubborn stain by mixing 1 cup of borax with 2 cups of warm water and apply the paste directly to the stain. Let it sit, then launder as usual. Remove carpet stains by dampening the stain thoroughly and rubbing some borax on it. Vacuum it then finish it off with a vinegar and water solution. Let it dry and repeat if necessary. Use this same method on soiled mattresses. It will get rid of both the odor and stain.
5.Remove rust by mixing the above solution with a tablespoon of lemon juice.
6. Clean your toilet with this solution: Dissolve 1/2 cup of borax with 1 gallon of water. Scrub the toilet with a strong brush, let it sit and flush to rinse. This non-abrasive cleaner can also be used in the bathtub or on counters.
These are just some of the ides you can do if you are new with borax as a cleaning agent. when you get uses to the process the possibilities are endless!

How to Get Rid of Bed bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most annoying guests that stay in our homes. They are irritating, hard to find, and super small. It being the size of an apple seed and with flat bodies with brownish color make them ideal to hide in tiny cracks at the side of our beds, bags or even couches where its very easy for them to bite us during the night. Over a period of time this unwanted guest may spread through not only in our homes but even in our neighborhoods.

How would you know if your home is being invaded by this pesky little visitors? Well there are a few signs you can check like blood stains on your pillows and sheets. dark rusty spots of bed bug excretion, bed bug fecal spots or egg shells and even their musty smell is a sign.

Here are some tips on how to get rid of bed bugs.

1. Clean your bedding, linens, curtains, and clothing in hot water and dry them on the highest dryer setting. You can place stuffed animals, shoes, and other things that can’t be washed in the dryer on high for 30 minutes.

2.Brushing the sides and seams of your mattress using a stiff cleaning brush will remove the bed bugs before vacuuming. do this frequently on your mattress and also in surrounding areas of the bed wherever there is an infestation.

3. Since bed bugs can last up to a year without feeding. you can encase your mattress with a plastic airtight cover for at least a year,., just to be sure that the bed bugs are killed

4.Remove clutter around the bed and fix or glue peeling wall paper back in place.

Removing your old mattress and replacing it without clearing your home of these insects is not effective.Since treating them normally requires chemicals its better to seek professional help for extermination.

Holidays with Clean Corp

You can just smell those fresh baked gingerbread cookies. The warm glow of the fire in the hearth radiates through the home. The snow slowly cascades down onto the earth and creates a white sea of calm and tranquility. Families cuddle around a beautifully trimmed Christmas tree and exchange gifts, while grandpa sips on his brandy, grandma serves those wonderful cookies, and mom, dad and the children all exchange warm pleasant words.

That is what we would like to always think the holidays always end up. But we know more times than not the house is crowded. There are floors filled with scuff marks, toilets that need cleaned, piles and piles of dishes as far the eye can see. Mylar wrapping and ribbons strewn throughout the living room, pine needles all over the floor, not to mention bedrooms and common areas. What a chore!

Why not just sit back and enjoy the holidays with family and leave the work to us? With our professional and affordable services we can take care of your home cleaning needs before and after the holidays. So give us a call today at (404)939-8572 and sit back and enjoy the holidays with your family and leave the cleaning to us.

Holiday Cleaning

We have all been there. Sitting on the couch watching the football game or parade on tv. Our bellies satisfied and our family members relaxing after the sumptuous buffet of Turkey and delectable sides being consumed. But in the back of our minds we know there is one thing, one thing we fear above all. Not that we may run out of Turkey or even pumpkin pie, but that insurmountable mountain of dishes, greasy pans, and overflowing trash cans.

Typically, Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years are holidays we celebrate with many people. Normally we desire our homes to be cleaned and well prepared prior to and after these much anticipated events. We can all remember our grandmother going around the house cleaning the floors, scrubbing the toilets and spending hours cooking and then repeating the same procedure all over again. While we would sit and relax watching tv shows, movies or enjoy conversation with friends and family members there were others who always were tasked with the dreaded clean up.

Well, why not leave the cleaning preparation and post clean up to us? Let our professionals come in and lend that helping hand to transform your home into that showplace that you know it is. Bathrooms need cleaning, kitchens, floors, and so on. And after you finish the joy of preparing your family’s feast you should be able to sit down and spend time together. Enjoy stories, laughs, and the love and comfort that family brings. So, invite mom and grandma to put down that dishrag sit back kick up their heels and have an egg nog (how strong is their choice lol) while the house is taken care of and they get the rest and reward of family that they so truly deserve.

Secrets to Keep your House Clean

Keeping our homes clean can be a challenge. Demanding jobs, hectic schedules, practices, recitals, and events can make our days hard. Keeping a clean house can be a challenge, but following a few quick and easy tips can make that task a little easier. The kitchen is a dirty place no matter how you look at it. As soon as it is clean…it is dirty again!

Perhaps you are a wonderful cook but a not so wonderful dishwasher. Well letting your pots and pans do a quick soap water soak while you finish plating your meals can help to break down the grease and make a meal easier to clean up. Another tip is to wash those pots and pans as you finish using them in order. This will help to keep the sink clear of excess debris. In the bathroom wiping the toilet seat and bowl rim daily can help to keep it clean and less bacteria from building up. In the house entrance adopt what Oriental cultures do and make it a habit to remove your shoes (especially for children and during bad weather) and put on house slippers. This will help to maintain a clean house floor throughout and keep germs, bacteria, and all the nasty bits from the outside from getting into our homes. There are many things you can do daily to help keep your home in good clean shape.

Now, I know these little tips wont solve everything so that is why we offer our full services to you and your family. Here at Clean Corp we are ready to tackle all your home cleaning needs and to keep your home pristine and immaculate.

Secrets to Quick and Easy Cleaning

Quick and easy cleaning; Is there such a thing? Yes there is! The main issue we have, is that most of us try to tackle cleaning head on as a big task to be done once a week or every two weeks. If we do this, we have so many more chores to do. Between laundry, dishes, mopping, sweeping and so on. It can be a real nightmare! So, there are things we can do to relieve this tension and stress that can have an effect on our cleaning abilities. First, sit down and devise the plan you wish to follow to clean your home effectively and efficiently. This is effective in that you know exactly what to do and in what order, this will save you and your family a lot of time. Secondly, have any any all cleaners and solutions in one easy to get place. Thirdly, find the best time to execute the plans and do it; many like to clean on the weekends where they have more time and flexibility.

It is best to spread chores out over the week, instead of having one “cleaning day” which can occupy a full day and add to our stress, dedicate time daily to smaller tasks. This will allow a calm and stress free home and ample time to spend with loves ones, or catching up on work, or just sitting back with a good book. For instance, do smaller batches of laundry ever other day. Do dishes after each and every meal. Wipe down the bathroom seats daily and scrub the bowl. By taking small steps which may only last a few short minutes we can save our time for more important things. But of course, sometimes we still need a little extra help. So, when you feel like you need a helping hand call the cleaning professionals here at Clean Corp. We are ready to help and are dedicated to giving you a clean, orderly, and stress free home.

Danger of toxic chemicals

Your health, your family’s health and our planet’s health; what is more important than health? For years people have used harsh abrasives and toxic chemicals to clean their homes. Although many of these are  effective agents they have a price. Their effects on our environment have been felt all around us. So, here at Clean Corp we have taken the initiative and the proactive approach by going green and offering green cleaning services for your home. We feel it is our duty as a caring and responsible local neighbor to lessen any effects on our environment and leave a footprint in the environment while still offering superb cleaning at great prices.

Our green cleaning agents are safer and better than the traditional cleaners. Harsh chemicals can pose dangers to children, animals, and the elderly. Mixing some agents together can be deadly. How many times have we heard the stories of children being rushed to the emergency room for accidentally ingesting a household cleaner? There is no need to live in a home with potentially lethal chemicals lurking under your sink. Call us today and let us service your home with an array of safe, clean, and green products for a healthier and brighter tomorrow.

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Secrets to Selecting the best cleaning service

Sometimes choosing a cleaning service can be overwhelming. The endless sea of promises, gimmicks, and low prices that quickly turn out to be “too good to be true” can overwhelm anyone. Before committing to a new service provider you should know what to look for, or the “secrets” to finding, maintaining, and being happy with the right company for you. First, a record of excellence and a proven track record. Many companies will be quick to make promises of on time service, qualified and experienced staff, or even the services they provide. And even those who provide a myriad of services you have to wonder if they do it right. When choosing a company to fulfill your needs you should choose one with a proven record. Second, price and competitive rates. In this harsh economy with the layoffs and cutbacks we read about daily in the news, we are all looking for ways to save money and to make what we have go further. Always be assured that the company you decide to use can produce top notch white glove service with low prices they can honor everyday. It is your hard earned money so you should be the one to rest assured you have spent it well. Third, a company that knows you and your town. Big nameless corporations that operate with several offices all over the country with countless staff lack the warmth and personability of a local company. Too many times the owners, or board members and CEO have no knowledge of the type of work involved and may never have even met their employees face to face to really know who they have representing their company. This sterile and cold atmosphere can breed bad communications and a lack of accountability.

With Clean Corp you don’t have to worry about any of that. We are a company with years of experience and countless satisfied customers who keep coming back year after year for their continued cleaning needs. We are here to stay and to build a lasting relationship with you. We have experienced staff who care about you and your needs. They do a great job and we offer these services with very competetive rates so you do not ned to worry about the quality and vaue you are receiving for your hard earned money. We are a local Georgia company serving the great folks of the greater Atlanta area. The owner is a proud local Atlantan with deep roots in the community. She knows each and every employee personally and knows the kind of pride they put into their hard work every single day. When you call Clean Corp you know you are being well taken care of by local folks who care. We care because we are your neighbors, your friends, and a part of this community. We hope you will remember this when choosing your new cleaning service.

Cleaning fee is waived!

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We’re Waiving the Initial Cleaning Fee!!!

(For Weekly and Every Other Week House Cleanings)

Only pay the weekly or every other week cost!


  • Clean inside the refrigerator

  • Clean the oven and under the stove top

  • Damp wipe the base boards and window sills

  • Damp wipe the door panels and frames

  • Empty the fireplace

  • Oil wipe or wet wipe the kitchen and/or bathroom cabinets

  • Vacuum the upholstered furniture (one room)

  • Clean outside patio furniture (6 pieces)

  • Sweep patio (You provide broom)



Secrets to Maintaining a Healthy Home

Our health is something we take for granted too much of the time. But it is something that we must guard at all costs. When we think of risks to our health and our family’s health we think of the flu, cold, coughs, and sniffles.


 Rarely do we ever expect that the source of our illness could be lurking in the one place we feel safest at, our home. Too many times we disregard common hygiene practices in our homes out of convenience or maybe we are too busy or we simply forget. “What about the chicken we cut up on the sink? Will the bacteria spread? Did I clean the dishes good enough after my child was sick? I don’t want to get the others sick. What about the bathroom? Did I properly disinfect the toilet and floors? Could there be deadly mold growing?” These are some of the many things we may think of on a daily basis. The fact is the home as a hot spot and breeding ground for germs, disease, and bacteria.


Maintaining a clean and orderly home is chief to keeping our bodies healthy and staying out of the doctor’s office. So let us take the worry from you. Here at Clean Corp we specialize in maintaining  a pristine and clean home you can not only be proud to come home to after a long day at the office, but a home where you can breath a sigh of relief knowing your home is truly clean