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Professional Cleaning Service vs. Independent Cleaners

Who can you trust to clean your home and satisfy your janitorial needs? This can be a daunting question. It’s a question millions of people ask themselves year after year. There are countless companies, individuals, and services out there.


There are companies that tout their quality, affordability, and excellent record. So, let us examine the differences between two of these: individual cleaners and professional companies. First let’s discuss the individual cleaner. Since the beginning of time anyone with a roof over their head yearned for someone to help carry the load. Naturally, we are prone to helping out a neighbor, friend, or acquaintance that may need our assistance. In return this may provide them some extra cash or help pay for a summer vacation. This is all well and good, and being generous is on our nature. But, always be cautious and weary when you hire out to an independent cleaner to clean for you. There are many risks to be aware of.First insurance and damages, if an independent cleaner accidentally drops an expensive vase, destroys a priceless family heirloom, the last thing you want to worry about is, if they’re insured? Or are you on your own with dealing with the damages? Do you really know the person? Do you know who you are letting into your home around your family, children, and valuables? In this day and age still, few folks would run a criminal check on a potential employee. This can be very dangerous.


What if they cannot work for days or weeks? Do they have a replacement to come? What if they just quit and leave you helpless? These are too many questions that are unanswered. And there are so many more unanswered questions, doubts, and concerns.


With that being said look for an insured and license cleaning business who will work with you and serve you in a mutual relationship that both parties will be happy with. Establish a long term working relationship with your cleaning company.

Clean Corp is an established company in the greater Atlanta area proudly serving the people for the better part of a decade. They take the guesswork, confusion, and worry out of the equation and instead leave with you with peace of mind, reliability, competence, and documented experience.

Are you tired of cleaning behind your family?

Time; it’s very valuable, you can’t get it back once it’s taken. From the day your children are born you have just a few short years to enjoy time with them while they are just kids. Running around, playing games, and laughing all day into the wee hours of the night are what we think about when we recall childhood.

As a parent you care about your family and want the best for them. Maintaining a good clean and well ran home is chief on any mother’s priority list, but these days with soccer practice, piano recitals, rehearsals for band and this and that who has the time for anything else?

There is a finite amount of time you have to spend with your loved ones, so why spend it house cleaning and breaking your back when you can sit back and enjoy the things you should be such as time with your family. How about sitting down to a nice home cooked meal you prepared without having to worry about the dishes? How about going swimming or on a family nature hike without worrying about getting those dirt stains out of your kid’s clothes? Perhaps you have an elderly mother or father who needs the extra help at home and you don’t have the time to dedicate yourself to it.

Why should you spend, hours keeping a house clean when you could be enjoying your time? Have a teenager, or two? We all know they can wreak havoc in a home! Walking into a teenager’s room is like walking into the unknown, but one thing is for sure: it is going to be a dirty job! Why contend with that? The great thing about it all is you don’t have.

That is what we are here for! At Clean Corp we give you the time needed to spend as you please with your family while we help you.


Become a “Fill in” House!

Become a “Fill in” House!

If you or someone you know QUALIFIES, you could become a “fill in house” on the Clean Corp Maid Service Schedules, paying approximately half price for your regular bi-weekly service. Special  circumstances MUST apply.


• A Senior Citizen

• Chronically ill with physical challenges

• One of our local heroes (veteran, police, fire)

• A woman, man, or family battling cancer

• Special circumstance (share the need with us and our panel will evaluate the situation)

Here are the BENEFITS of being a “FILLER HOUSE”:

• Have service either weekly or bi-weekly

• Pay approximately half price for service (plus sales tax)

• Become a “Filler House” for 90 days to six months

Here are the RULES:

• CANNOT have used our service at all within the last 12 months

• Circumstances, “need”, or qualifications must be verifiable

• Heroes (veteran, police, fireman) must be currently serving, retired, or honorably discharged or disabled. Or immediate family of a fallen hero

• “Filler House” openings are only for 90 days to 6 months. The circumstance will be reevaluated before continuing.

• You can be listed on our “waiting list” to become a “filler house” if you do not qualify now but will in the near feature.


If you think you qualify, give us your name, address, phone number, and describe your situation. We reserve this heavily discounted service for very, very special people in our community or those with very special needs. We will be in contact with you soon! (subject to availability, granting “Filler House” status is at the sole discretion of management and can be terminated at any time).

Call us today!  (404) 939-8572

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Are you tired of coming home to a mess

Coming home to a mess is something we all loathe. Not only do we encounter a new task but we are bogged down by it. Imagine working an 8 or 10 or 12 hour or more day. Your feet are tired, you are hungry, weary and begin the battle the traffic to get home. Before you know it you realize there are a host of undone duties littering your home. Perhaps the dishes have that dried up lasagna from last night. Maybe you still have to clean the living room after your kid’s birthday party and ensuing roughhousing. Or you have a mountain of laundry that has seemed to grow to a point that even challenges Mt. Everest!

We have all been there. When we walk into a home that needs that tender loving care that we so desperately want to give but don’t have the time, we stress. We stress, we worry, we over-think, and we fall into a slump. Sometimes it seems it is too much. Running a home is like running a well oiled machine. You are the captain of the home, but every captain needs a helpful, effective, and competent crew. That is where we come in.

The services we offer are almost too many to list. Perhaps you need heavy cleaning for your large and expansive family. Maybe you are a busy executive who simply doesn’t have the time to devote at home to cleaning. Or maybe you are a senior or handicapped person who requires just a little help. That is what we do. We are here to serve your needs and help to maintain a clean, pristine, and well organized home. We work hard with you to help you to come home and enjoy your lovely abode and relax in peace and tranquility as opposed to dealing with anarchy and a perpetual mess that never seems to end. Imagine that. So, pick up the phone, email us or contact us via our Facebook page today. Help us to make your house into a warm, clean, and inviting home.

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3 Ways to Clean Windows

Windows are one of the toughest parts of the house to clean and it’s really a painstaking job.
If you haven’t tried cleaning your own windows before all you really need is basic cleaning items, most of them are available in your home.

To make a green cleaning window cleaning solution mix 1 cup of water and 1 cup of vinegar in a spray bottle.

Next spray your cleaning solution on the window pane and wipe it off. Repeat until windows are fully clean. Make sure to wipe it off fast though because the longer you leave your solution to dry the more likely it will streak.

There are three options to wipe it off:

Terry cloth rags tend to leave lint on windows when wiping them so we suggest you try using these items to clean with while cleaning your windows:

1. Paper towels- Although higher in price,it’s lint free, and works great if your windows are within your reach.

2. Newspaper – A very inexpensive way to clean your windows, not only is it lint free but your reusing your trash and it saves you cash! It’s great for windows that are within your reach.

3. Squeegees- A nice investment if you don’t like working with paper, no crumbling and throwing away involved, you can use this for hard to reach windows as well but you need some practice to perfect the technique for this tool.

Window cleaning may be a painstaking job but it’s worth it when you see your windows sparkly clean! Happy cleaning.

The Importance of a Clean Enviroment

The Importance of Clean Environment


Committing to “Clean and Green” certainly provides an excellent foundation for maintaining the importance of a clean environment and eco-friendly planet protection.  Green living is creating a healthier environment, minimizing waste, reducing pollution, and conserving as much energy as possible.


One of the ways to keep the environment clean and at the same time conserve energy is by having less electrical appliances and gadgets in your kitchen. Using them for the shortest possible time is a further benefit.


Driving your car to the shops less frequently not only is a saving of your gas, it helps reduce the pollution factor. Rather make an ongoing list for items you need to purchase and go shopping once or twice a week only, you will find this actually works out very well.


Do you garden and interact with your plants? You can aid the environment in the garden by keeping a compost heap and choosing green alternatives instead of using any chemical products and pesticides. For example, a healthy eco-system is scattering crumpled up eggshells around the base of plants. They are marvellous for reducing the snail population and saving your plants from being attacked.


Help the environment stay clean by stopping polluting and always putting your rubbish in the trash bin, putting collars with bells on your pets, and keeping them inside at nighttime.


Around the home, help the importance of a clean environment by green cleaning.

How to clean is using cleaning methods and products with ingredients that are environmentally friendly and contain only good content for preserving people’s health. On the market are some cleaning products, which contain toxic chemicals that can be a cause for adverse health conditions


Consumers are being made more aware of using effective environmentally products that are biodegradable. Green cleaning is also leaning towards microfiber technology where there is no need to use chemical cleaners or even green cleaners. A good quality microfiber cloth and water is all that is required for removing 99% of bacteria from hard surfaces. Microfiber cloths do not leave any streaks and clean easily.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) labels products meeting the EPA standard for chemicals. These products may use the Design for the Environment (DfE) label. Usually, products labelled ‘low’ or ‘zero’ VOC are considered as safer for human and animal health as well as for the importance of a clean environment.



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The Benefits of a Cleaning Service

The Benefits of a Cleaning Service



There are many benefits for hiring an Atlanta cleaning service for cleaning your home or office instead of doing it yourself. They understand the importance of clean environment, offer good quality service, and take the chore of cleaning out of your hands, leaving you more time to concentrate on matters that are more important. For home or business, a professional cleaning service is your answer for this mundane but necessary task.


When looking for a commercial cleaning service for office cleaning Atlanta, you want to use a company with longstanding experience in the field of commercial cleaning. It is important for them to understand the type of duties that your business requires and it is important for you to choose an Atlanta cleaning service with a good reputation. Going on the internet and searching customer reviews will give you an indication of whether or not you should use a particular service. Otherwise, check their thoroughness for detailed cleanliness with their past or current clients.


Among the benefits of a cleaning service for your business is that besides the building looking clean it smells good as well. All the trash containers emptied and the bathroom facilities sanitized and left in pristine condition. The furniture in the building dusted properly and all carpeted flooring vacuumed and left looking clean and fresh.


Other worthwhile activities undertaken by using a commercial Atlanta cleaning service is that they will clean all the windows and mirrors and periodically clean curtains and blinds. The tiled flooring that often is now found in buildings is left washed, periodically waxed, and in a spotless condition.


Most cleaning services are quite willing to set up a schedule for cleaning that is convenient for their clients and aim for having happy contented customers. Many of the teams of these cleaning companies, who specialize in the cleaning of businesses, are very good with cleaning houses as well.


It is so convenient to use the same Atlanta cleaning service for both business and home. Another key factor is that most cleaning companies adhere to the improvement of clean environment and use green cleaning products instead of chemicals for cleaning.


Keeping your home and business spruce and inviting, makes it a pleasure for those people who visit, either for business purposes or as invited guests to your home. The task of doing your own cleaning is relieved with the benefit of a cleaning service.



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Do you know how to clean?

Do you know How to Clean?


Spotless toilets, kitchens, showers etc.


Fastidious homemakers like their houses to be in a spotless condition, especially areas of the kitchen and the bathrooms. There is nothing uglier, than walking into someone’s kitchen and seeing appliances that look as though nobody has bothered to clean up for months. Stoves where contents of pots have boiled over and spills never wiped up and the drips running from the plates down the stove sides. Ugh!


With the selection of green cleaning products available on the supermarket shelves, there is no real excuse not to clean and to ignore the importance of a clean environment.


How to clean kitchens


As an alternative to shop bought green cleaning aids using vinegar does wonders. Besides being cheap, it is a natural product and ideal for treatment of any bacteria or dirt. Cleaning the refrigerator is so easy with simply mixing equal parts of vinegar and water for wiping it out. Even keep a bottle of the solution stored in the fridge so that you have it handy any time there is a spill that needs mopping.


For cleaning build-up in the microwave place ½ a cup of vinegar and a ½-cup of water in a glass bowl and microwave until it boils, then wipe away. If you have any stained plastic containers coat them in vinegar and leave for a while. After that wash them the way you usually do. To clean cutting boards, spray with vinegar (do not dilute) then rinse them well. Vinegar is perfect for cleaning any room in the home.


How to clean bathrooms


For the toilet pour in a cup of vinegar and leave it overnight. In the morning, simply sprinkle with baking soda and flush. For cleaning the tub and general bathroom disinfecting, you can use vinegar either straight or diluted with water. For cleaning the shower door and the walls, boil some vinegar and wipe down. This is an easy method for ridding mold, soap scum, or germs in the shower.


When your shower head gets dirty, pour vinegar into a plastic bag, and tie securely to the shower head making certain that the bottom of the shower head is immersed in the vinegar. Leave it tied up overnight and only remove the following morning before you shower.


A vinegar mix is also a perfect disinfectant for wiping down doorknobs, faucet handles, telephones, and general green cleaning.



free time


The Purpose of Green cleaning

The Purpose of Green Cleaning


The importance of caring for the planet


We have to do all we possibly can to be environmentally friendly if we want to preserve the planet for future generations and be able to live comfortably, healthily and happily in beautiful surroundings forever. Among the killers of the universe, are the fumes and pollution found in so many major cities around the world. Accordingly, the importance of clean environment must be an encouragement for people to use methods and the products specifically designed for greening and preserving the world we live in.


The ingredients in green cleaning products do not include anything toxic or chemically reactive. Some of the chemically produced products available can release organic compounds that are volatile and can cause unpleasant respiratory or dermatological conditions, making them harmful for some users.


The term green cleaning is also applied to the way in which cleaning products are made, packaged, distributed, and are also biodegradable.  Another reference to describe environmentally friendly products is the term Eco-friendly. Overall, there is now more emphasis on using microfiber technology or green cleaners for chemical cleaning. In many instances, a microfiber cloth and water are sufficient for the cleaning of hard surfaces.


As the impact of using green cleaning products gains popularity, there are now many brands of healthy effective green cleaning products on the market for use by people for home cleaning. Many of these are made from recyclable products, but you can mix your own cleaners at home as well, such as vinegar and baking soda.  Mixing warm water with either of them and you now have homemade all purpose cleaners!


According to a report from the FDA, soaps and hand cleansers that are labelled antibacterial or antimicrobial, do not have any better cleaning qualities in their ingredients than regular soap and water do and should be avoided. They are a risk for breeding super germs as the bacteria surviving the chemical onslaught in them tend to have resistant offspring.


By using biodegradable products in the home is one of the favored methods of easy planet preservation and green cleaning. By this simple use there is less clutter lying around to contend with in dumps and tip sites all over the world. Consider this easy effort as your personal contribution to the importance of clean environment and continued preservation of the universe so that there will be no further destruction of it.



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How to Choose a Cleaning Service

How to Choose a Cleaning Service


With the busy schedule and hectic lifestyle of many people, the last thing they want to have to worry about is the cleaning of their homes. Keeping a house neat and tidy is an ongoing job, you just finish house cleaning, and you need to start all over again through children messing or pets bringing in unwanted “presents”. Normal everyday chores require vacuuming, dusting or floor mopping, and these activities take up precious time needed for other things, so making use of the benefit of a Atlanta cleaning service is often the best solution.


How to choose an Atlanta cleaning service can be through a referral from friends or else looking for cleaning services on the internet where the online services will connect you with qualified professional cleaning services. An Atlanta cleaning service will gladly provide you with standard packages and estimates.


  • Cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen area
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms
  • The changing of bed linen
  • Loading dishwashers


Additional services that can be provided by arrangement


  • Laundry
  • Polishing of woodwork
  • Moving furniture
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning light fixtures
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Drapery cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Waxing floors


Points for choosing an Atlanta cleaning service


Interview several companies before making a final choice of the company you are going to use, then ask them for references and check them out. This is essential as the cleaning team from your chosen company is going to have access to your whole house. You must be able to trust and feel certain that they are the right choice for you.


Check whether they supply the cleaning equipment and products or if they intend using yours. As an environmental protection ensure that only green cleaning products are used on your home.


When your cleaning service arrives, spend a few minutes with them to discuss which areas of your home are due to be cleaned on the scheduled cleaning day and vary them each visit. If you cannot be present at arrival time, then leave the team a list for the problem areas where you would like them to pay particular attention.

Arrangements for payment should be arranged prior to the first visit of the cleaning service. They might have a preference for your paying monthly, or else to pay each time they come to clean your home.


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